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Frequently asked questions about Alarm Monitoring

What needs to be done to be connected to Nelson Alarms Monitoring?

To commission your connection to Nelson Alarms Monitoring every zone must be tested. Therefore it is usual for us to carry out a routine preventative maintenance service of your security system at the same time.

Will having my alarm monitored affect my phone and internet?

No. Once our technician's have made the necessary connections, you won't notice any change. If you have broadband internet, you will no longer require additional filters on your phone jacks, due to a centralised filter that is installed.

I already have a monitored alarm and intend to have broadband connected. What should I do?

We can install the necessary filters for you, test the alarm and leave it ready for your phone company to enable broadband from off-site.

I use another company to service my alarm, can I still be monitored by Nelson Alarms?

If you currently employ another company to service your alarm and prefer to continue with them that is no problem, we can still monitor your alarm. However, if you would like Nelson Alarms to provide maintenance and monitoring service, there can be advantages in doing so.

I have my alarm monitored with another company, can I change to Nelson Alarms Monitoring?

If another company is currently providing your alarm monitoring, please discuss this with us.

Can I keep my existing guard?

Yes, of course. If you are happy with your existing guard we would encourage you to use them as part of the response procedure. Nelson Alarms does not provide a guard callout service, however we can recommend one suitable for your area. See 'Simplifying Security' for more information.

Monitored Alarms and Broadband - Technical Explanation

The majority of monitored alarms use a standard phone line to communicate with the monitoring station. Land-line alarm monitoring is a proven, reliable and cost effective way of monitoring your alarm system.

In the case of an activation, the alarm will interrupt the phone line before dialing to report the event. This disconnects all the phones in the house, and frees up the phone line for the alarm to dial out uninterrupted and report the activation. However, for this to work, the alarm must be wired correctly. The phone line must first come into the main alarm panel before going out to the phone jacks in the rest of the house. This wiring can cost up to $250 if done by your telecommunications service provider, but our technicians can make the necessary changes during the installation of your system.

The most common type of broadband is ADSL, which delivers internet access over the same cable used for the phone line by using different frequencies to phone calls. That’s why filters are required to separate the two signals.

Internet Service Providers offering ADSL broadband internet will send out self-install broadband modems with filters. You need to plug filters into every phone jack in the house, so when they are used they do not interfere with the internet. When you have a monitored alarm, a central ADSL filter needs to be hard-wired in to the alarm system by a technician. You will no longer require additional filters on your phone jacks, due to a centralised filter that is installed. Your ADSL modem will be connected to a dedicated unfiltered phone jack in the house. Because the internet connection does not pass through the main alarm panel, when the alarm dials out to report an event it does not interfere with the broadband connection. Note that this type of wiring needs to be performed by a qualified security technician.
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Nelson Alarms is proud to belong to the New Zealand Security Association, Fire Protection Association, Electrical Contractors of New Zealand, and have factory certified Technicians in both InnerRange and Cardax systems.

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