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Alarm Monitoring

Professional Local Alarm Monitoring

To provide the security necessary for today’s environment, it is highly
recommended to have your security system monitored by a professional digital monitoring station. Nelson Alarms Monitoring offers local alarm monitoring with the same reliable, efficient service you have come to expect from Nelson Alarms.

We’d like to encourage you to contact us first with any questions you have about alarm monitoring. By supporting Nelson Alarms you keep local people and Technicians employed, who along with our company all spend in and support the Nelson region.

Please remember that we are LOCAL and offer a full range of monitoring services, including:
Any of these monitoring methods can be used standalone or combined to give multipath monitoring to match your level of risk and your security requirements be they material, personal or property.

What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring alerts the most appropriate person immediately for any given alarm activity. Whatever is important to you in your home or business can be monitored 24/7, to provide you with peace of mind, so that while away, you can be sure that your property is secure. The thumbnail image below shows the relationship between your alarm system, the monitoring station and the response that is setup.

Having a monitored alarm is the ONLY way to ensure that your alarm will be responded to - read more...
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Why Nelson Alarms Monitoring?

Nelson Alarms Monitoring offers a full range of alarm monitoring solutions, providing ultimate protection for people and property. We offer landline, wireless (radio and cellular), IP (internet) as well as dual path monitoring options, and can help you select the most appropriate choice to best suit your requirements. 

Who better to customise, set up and manage your exact response requirements than the local technicians who know you, your system and your needs?

By having your alarm monitored by Nelson Alarms Monitoring, not only do you get better service through people that know you and your system, but Nelson Alarms Monitoring supports your region, while the big companies support overseas shareholders... lets keep it local! 

How can Alarm Monitoring help me?

Alarm monitoring can help protect both people and property, it also guarantees a response to any alarm activation.

We can monitor almost anything!
  • Intruder detection
  • Theft from fuel tanks
  • Smoke and Fire detection
  • Unauthorised access
  • Assistance / Medical alarms
  • Failure to turn alarm on
  • Low Backup battery
  • Low/high temperature
  • System being tampered with
  • Equipment failure
  • Window breakage
  • Plus many more applications...

Talk to us to find out how local alarm monitoring with Nelson Alarms can help protect your home or business.  Or click here to have someone contact you.


Nelson Alarms are committed to providing a professional, local and reliable monitoring service.

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Nelson Alarms is proud to belong to the New Zealand Security Association, Fire Protection Association, Electrical Contractors of New Zealand, and have factory certified Technicians in both InnerRange and Cardax systems.

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Nelson Alarms is the leading security installation company in the Nelson region. We are a locally owned and operated business.  Quality, reliability and total customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of what we stand for.

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