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Access Control

Your first line of security

Access control is the most effective way to track and restrict access to your premises to only those who are authorised.

Access control starts with your property's or building's perimeter, and in many cases is your first line of security against intruders. This level of security needs to be balanced with a system that is not overly intrusive for authorised people and vehicles, while ensuring those who are unauthorised remain out.

Nelson Alarms have a range of access control solutions, including:
  • Electronic door locking
  • Gate automation and vehicle control systems
  • Lift control
  • Man traps

Once inside the perimeter, or for premises without gates and fences, the next level of security is ensuring building entry points are secure. Doors can be fitted with a range of different hardware to manage and track who is coming and going. This includes:
  • Proximity card readers
  • Keypads
  • Magnetic and electronic locks

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Nelson Alarms specialise, and have manufacture certified technicians, in both industry leading brands of access control systems.

Inner range delivers integrated, cost effective intruder detection and access control solutions for your organisation in a system that grows as you grow. 

If you’re a manager, you know just how important it is to protect your assets. Your bottom line depends on it. Vandalism, burglary and internal theft pose significant risks to your people, plant and equipment. Furthermore, in the information age, threats to intellectual property can manifest from unexpected quarters such as the internet or internal corporate networks. The cost to your corporation if your assets are compromised can be considerable.

You need a holistic solution that delivers best in class protection across your entire enterprise. A system that meets all of your complex security requirements in a single, integrated package. Inner Range delivers. The Concept 4000 hardware platform coupled with Insight management software seamlessly integrates:

• Best-in-breed access control for up to one million card-holders with
mixed access technologies and optional card pools
• Fast, decisive intruder detection with multiple powerful security alarm
reporting formats
• Building automation and monitoring including air conditioning and
lighting control, plus off-the-shelf integration with hundreds of Building
Management Systems
• Advanced CCTV / DVR integration including remote camera control and
multiple timelines
• Live, interactive building floor plans with map navigation and drill-downs
• Multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-control module, multi-operator
• Advanced reports including full muster reports
• Enterprise SQL database engine with scheduled backups and data
sharing with external sources
• An open sales channel

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A Cardax FT security system gives big business benefits to all business owners.
Cardax FT is more than an alarm system. It's a fully flexible access control system that protects you and your employees from burglary, vandalism, loss of information, stock theft or damage to equipment.

With a Cardax FT system, you have full control over where, and when, staff, visitors or vehicles can move at all times. Staff working alone after hours cause special concern, but with Cardax FT you can rest assured that any staff working after hours are in a secured environment. No need to worry about anyone wandering in off the street. Forget the panic of master keys being lost or stolen. Cardax FT uses programmed cards that can be cancelled in a keystroke - ensuring the ongoing security of your premises. You'll never need to change the locks again. Cards can be modified instantly to allow or cancel authorised access to any secure area. Adding new staff is just as simple. Cardax FT can produce reports and audit trails of all movements. It's that simple.

pdf-logo small.jpgDownload Cardax FT brouchure (400Kb)


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Nelson Alarms is proud to belong to the New Zealand Security Association, Fire Protection Association, Electrical Contractors of New Zealand, and have factory certified Technicians in both InnerRange and Cardax systems.

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