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Peter Laing Electrical (a division of Nelson Alarms) has been operating as an independently Nelson owned and operated business since 1979, while Nelson Alarms has been in business since 1991.

We are proud to be a 100% locally owned and operated company with a long standing history of quality work and providing our clients with top service.

By choosing Nelson Alarms as your service provider, not only do you get better service through people that know you and your system, but Nelson Alarms supports your region, while the big companies support overseas shareholders... lets keep it local!

Locally Owned & Operated - Why is this important?

We need to think about where the money we spend is going, and make sure we support those businesses that are based in our region.  Locally owned businesses employ local people, use local services and often buy locally too.

Some of the profit made by companies based in New Zealand with foreign ownership or foreign interests ends up overseas. Although on a one off basis that might not seem like such a big deal, on a nationwide scale that adds up to billions of dollars every year. That money is usually removed permanently from the New Zealand economy. A 100% Locally / New Zealand owned and operated business is far more likely to keep, and spend their profits in the region and within New Zealand - and we think that's worth fighting for.

How will supporting a 100% NZ business benefit me?

Every dollar kept in New Zealand helps our economy. The business that makes the profit is taxed by our government, which in turn spends that money on things like health, roading and schooling etc. The more money the business makes, the more jobs they create, which helps our unemployed. The trickle down effect then spreads the money those employed kiwis make onto other 100% New Zealand owned and operated businesses, which then helps them too and starts the whole process over again.

So support our region, support our local economy and support local business where you can. For more information or to use our local services, please contact us.
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Nelson Alarms is proud to belong to the New Zealand Security Association, Fire Protection Association, Electrical Contractors of New Zealand, and have factory certified Technicians in both InnerRange and Cardax systems.

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About Us

Nelson Alarms is the leading security installation company in the Nelson region. We are a locally owned and operated business.  Quality, reliability and total customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of what we stand for.

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Address:  36 Parkers Road, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011
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